Internet Law, Domain Law, E-Commerce

BPSH gives you advice in the area of Internet law, in particular relating to the following topics:

Globus Grafik für Internetrecht und Domainrecht
  • E-Commerce
    • Conclusion of contracts in electronic legal transactions
    • Formal requirements
    • Cancellation instructions, right of cancellation
    • Information obligations and provider identification according to the Telemedia Act
    • Keyword advertising
    • unwanted E-Mails (spamming, junk)
    • Online shops and online auctions
    [li type="icon-ok"]Social media, forums, blogs
    • Account names and account grabbing at Facebook, Twitter and Co.
    • Imprint obligations for social media profile
    • Use of photos (of a stranger), texts or videos on Facebook, Instagram and Co.
    • Use of the Facebook “like” button
    • Statements in violation of the law on Facebook, Twitter
    • Embedding Facebook entries on other websites (embedded posts)
    • Cancellation of my account
  • Domains, hosting and liability
    • Domain grabbing, Cyber squatting
    • Warnings because of violations of the law on the Internet
    • Preliminary injunction
    • Liability of the content provider
    • Liability of DENIC
    • Liability for hyper links and deep links
    • Liability for meta tags
    • Cancellation of links and personal data on the WWW: right to be forgotten at Google, Yahoo and Co.
    • Rating portals for goods/services and persons
    • spamming, junk
    • file sharing, streaming [/li]